fuck yeah cool black girls!
the illest chicks of the african diaspora ~~~cool black gurls of tumblr and the world at large!
fuck yeah cool black girls!

                                       Black Grrrls Rock!
Work It- Missy Elliot
212-Azealia Banks
All For You- Janet Jackson
Cold War- Janelle Monae
Tambourine- Eve
Strange Fruit-Billie Holiday
Scrubs- TLC
Bootylicious-Destiny’s Child
Lighters Up-Lil’ Kim
Window Seat- Erykah Badu
Hardcore Girls- Rye Rye
Doowop-Lauryn Hill
Next to me- Emeli Sande 
Precious- Esperanza Spalding 
Starships-Nicki Minaj
Look back at me-Trina
Superwoman- Alicia Keys


Happy Birthday Eve! #Werk. xoxo

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58. Eve (The Ruff Ryder)
She’s a fan of black leathers, sequence, golds, body glitter, bronzers and shimmery things. She took hip hop to chic and glamor to a whole new level. She’s not a big fan on designer clothing, just whatever catches her eye. She’s a girly girl and was one of the first girly girls of Hip Hop, even with the spicy blonde short afro she started out with. Though in the beginning of her career, her short haircut was so daring at that time that she had to almost all the time clarify that she was not a lesbian. Initially she came into the game, not so stylish. She was very much so a gem in the rough, a muse. She had this haircut and hair color that would have people talking and talking. She was like the Dennis Rodman of female rappers. Her short hair went from bleach-blonde, to playful purple, to electrifying white, to punk red, back to rich, gorgeous blonde but longer this round. She went from edgy and rocking red spikes, cornrows or teensy twists, to sophisticated edge and showing off bountiful shirley temple curls. Her breast-stalking paw print tattoos have also become quite a trademark. She became so marketable in high fashion until it was scary. She became more than just a female rapper. She’s adapted to almost every type of look. We’ve seen it all from this woman. Until later years she was completely natural, wearing all of her real hair. Now she changes it up and we thank her for her Eve-volution.